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Schools & Daycares

 Keep your kids active & healthy! 

Let us help you: 

- Build more value to your business 
- Enhance academics at your facility 
- Save money spent on inadequate movement programs and expensive equipment 
- Save time finding fitness related materials

School Bus & Children
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Looking for an active, unique onsite field trip to entertain your students?


Look no further, our workshops provide an array of activities. We can customize activities to meet your daycare, school, camp or special event needs.


This is a great introduction to our programs without the commitment!

 Why Choose Us? 

Simple...... We come to YOU. Rain, Snow, or Shine!


We are a complete mobile company that brings our fun interactive physical literacy activities to your location for your kiddos to enjoy. We provide a clean, safe and convenient hassle-free onsite solutions for children ages 1-10 years old. We pride ourselves in serving children of all abilities and believe that creating these inclusive environments promote understanding and acceptance.


With over 100 lesson plans, our 30-60-minute classes come with sensory-safe equipment designed to engage children in the development of key motor skills, improve sensory processing, and learn to better communicate making it the perfect space for special needs children and neurotypical children to play together. Classes are structured allowing children to climb, tumble, skip, jump, hang, swing, flip, slide, stretch and most of all have a blast.


We attend Schools, Childcare Centres and Camps on a weekly, bi weekly, monthly and annual basis providing a non-competitive, safe and encouraging environment where each child can reach their full potential.


Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.

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Infants & Toddlers

Everyone Wins with Monkey Movers

  • Introduce fundamental movement skills which allow young children to move and be active with confidence and competence as they grow.

  • Reinforce Attentiveness & Turn Taking Skills.

  • Play-based curriculum with structured and unstructured activities.

  • We keep it simple by allowing toddlers to simply “do their thing” No need for intense fitness routine.

  • Usage of music, song and dance to increase participation and enjoyment.

  • Children leave class feeling energized, confident and happy.

  • A unique and positive first bus experience for preschoolers prior to kindergarten.

  • Classes are led by a qualified Instructor (Reference check with Immunization records available upon request).

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Infants & Toddlers

Preschool, JK/SK & School Age

Preschool, JK/SK & School Age


Some key aspects of our program:

- We introduce fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, balance, throwing, and kicking which can be applied to all sports.

- Classes are led by a qualified Instructor (Reference check with Immunization records available upon request).

- Children leave class feeling energized, confident, and happy.

Other important skills are developed in our classes, such as: 

- Basic Motor Skills;

- Balance & Coordination;

- Strength & Fitness;

- Self-Esteem & Confidence.


We also have jam packed fun and unique activities like ziplining, rock climbing, and a ball pit to name a few!

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 PA DAY, March Break, Summer Camp and Christmas Camp with
 Monkey Movers is always a blast! 
Extracurricular program


 Motivating Kids to be Active.

 Take the Challenge!

School Bus & Children

Extracurricular Classes

We attend Schools, Childcare Centers and Camps on a weekly, bi weekly, monthly and annual basis providing top notch active fitness classes to children ages 1-12 years old on our enjoyable and unique Gym Bus or In-House (inside your facility).


We create a fun non-competitive, safe and encouraging environment where each child can reach their full potential. 

Our physical literacy activities promote motor development and set the foundation for success in ALL sports.
We offer curriculum and extra-curricular based programs that follow the Health & Physical Education (HPE) and Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines.


 Gym Bus 

Gym Bus classes take place on a retrofitted, 40ft school bus. The Bus

is equipped with padded walls, climbing bars, ball pit, balance beam,

rings, zip line, mini trampoline, rock wall, single bar, and many other

assorted gymnastics equipment.


A Monkey Movers staff is always onboard providing age appropriate lessons to participates. Progressive weekly lesson plans, monthly themes and a detailed progress cards are given at the end of the session.


The Gym Bus is brought to your facility so students can benefit from this great physical literacy program without taking up space in your facility. We operate all year round! Our buses are equipped with heat and air condition to keep students comfortable. No transportation required.


 In House | Dance Kids 

Dance Kids is an innovative program that provides a unique opportunity for children to explore what’s new in dance and music. Explore one of our energetic FUN easy to learn dance moves consisting of Zumba, Hip Hop and Tik Tok Dances.

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