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 About Us 

Our mobile facility visits schools and day cares promoting physical fitness in a non-competitive, fun learning environment while teaching the foundations of strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. 


Each class is facilitated by a certified Monkey Movers coach in a structured format that incorporates social and classroom rules and are enhanced by age appropriate music. Skills are taught through a step by step progression starting with the easiest to the more advanced skill. Activities change weekly, but always include a warm-up, circuit (similar to an obstacle course) and end with a game or activity.

We are committed to assisting in the development of good character traits and life skills such as patience, self-control, and co-operation. We encourage kids to celebrate each others success and support one another in their efforts to conquer challenges.

Our service is convenient for busy parents while serving as an enrichment program to daycares and schools.


The Gym Bus

Monkey Movers Gym Bus is a mobile "gym on wheels" offering fitness FUN classes to children ages 1-12 years old in a FUN and safe environment. Our full sized bus is loaded with a variety of gymnastics and fun equipment from the monkey bars, rings, mini trampoline, rock wall, zipline, trapezoid and more.

All activities occur inside our climate controlled (heat and a/c) weathered Bus which operates 365 days a year always keeping our participants safe and comfortable. Gym Bus is brought to your facility so students can benefit from this great physical literacy program without taking up space in your facility. 

 Mission Statement 

To set the foundation for physical activity that will develop happy, healthy, confident children of the future.


Our team is made up of instructors who love coaching children and making fitness fun.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Story

The inspiration behind Monkey Movers Gym Bus/Kids Party Bus


Awards received

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Our Story
Our Story

Owning her own Gymnastics and Dance Center has always been a dream for Coach Chandall.


After completing her post-secondary studies in Fitness and Health, Coach Chandall wanted to continue her love of teaching dance, gymnastics, and fitness to children everywhere.


Coach Chandall loved teaching at various community centers and private clubs in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Milton as she was able to positively impact an endless amount of children in different communities. She realized she could only reach a limited amount of children with a permanent facility; hence,


Monkey Movers was created.

Coach Chandall has over 16 years of experience coaching recreational/competitive gymnastics/dance and 12 years of experience as a Certified Fitness Professional. She is a graduate of the Fitness and Health Promotion Program at Humber College Institute, Certified Level 2 Gymnastics Coach, Dance Instructor, Corrective Holistic Exercise Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba Instructor and Certified in High Five, First Aid and CPR. 

Coach Chandall embodies the perfect mixture of a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle. She is passionate, innovative, and dedicated to bringing fun and excitement to children everywhere!


Monkey Movers stands above the rest with their credible instructors who are experienced, reliable, and personable. Our team is made up of instructors who love coaching children and making fitness fun.


Our staff strives to promote challenging activities and freedom for each child to explore their creativity in a safe, enjoyable, non-competitive environment. This prepares them for whatever sport they may choose in the future. We look forward to working with your child and thank you in advance for allowing us to be a part of their development!  

Our instructors are great role models and come with completed Ontario Gymnastics Federation Certification, Police Vulnerable Reference Checks, First Aid, and CPR Training. 

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Thank you for this Award!

We are very grateful for this award


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  1. Where does the bus park?
    The GYM BUS parks on the street, driveway or parking lot. There must be 3 parking spots saved when we arrive and we must not be blocked in by other cars. There also must be a large enough double wide long driveway if not parked on the road or in a parking lot. The driver will assess upon arrival and has the final say if it is safe to park. Obstacles like bushes, trees, and fences may be a deciding factor. We usually park along the sidewalk in front of your house (school, church, park, etc). Party hosts typically reserve space for the bus by 1) parking their own cars in that space or 2) marking off the area with cones, chairs, large plastic toys, etc. We need approximately 50 feet of somewhat level space to park.


  2. Are adults allowed on the bus?
    We have an open-door policy and welcome all guests and spectators to view the activities in our designated viewing area. This area is limited in space and can accommodate up to 5 non participating guest. All activities are supervised by a staff who has undergone a vulnerable police reference check(Available upon request). Parents have the option to remain on the bus or mingle with guests at the event. Our staff will ensure the kids remain safe and have a blast!


  3. What does a basic party look like?
    A typical party consist of a dance/fitness warm-up, obstacle course the birthday child leads, dance party to the latest songs(song requests are welcomed), podium ceremony, a zipline ride, and games (if time permits)
    We also offer face painting, pinata smash, princess and superhero characters, balloon twisting and more….

  4. Does the Bus provide service all year round?
    Yes! With an onboard generator powering multiple AC/heating units, we're able to provide a comfortable atmosphere regardless of the Canadian season!


  5. What do the kids do on the bus?
    Our entertain crew follow a birthday template that consists of a warm up, gymnastics obstacle course, age appropriate games, dance party and zip line ride. Because each party is unique, our instructors have lots of games and activities for the kids to keep them engaged.

  6. What age range us this appropriate for?
    We cater to kids age 1-10yrs old. Because the developmental skills of a 1year old is different from a 10 year old. Our activities are catered to the general age of the kids. 

  7. How many instructors on the bus?
    There are two instructors on the Bus

    Have more questions?! Contact us  HERE  for a prompt response.

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