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COVID-19 Updates

Ontario is currently on Step 3 of their Re-Opening Plan

Monkey Movers Response

Monkey Movers is closely monitoring the impact

coronavirus is having on the communities in which we operate. As always, our number one priority is to

protect the health and safety of our staff, customers,

and the wider community.


We have been guided in this effort by the advice of

local, provincial, and national public health

authorities and have a formal plan and measures in

place as part of our individual and collective efforts

to slow and limit the spread of COVID-19.


We are grateful for the resilience, leadership, and

empathy of our staff during this challenging and

stressful time. Even at a time when physical

separation defines interactions between us, the

prevailing strength of our community is more evident than ever.



What is Monkey Movers doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

The health and safety of our staff and customers is a top priority. In addition to our standard sanitation procedures, as part of Monkey Mover's response to coronavirus, our staff have:

  • Increased the frequency of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection of equipment and high-touchpoint surfaces.

  • Continued our high standards of promoting regular and thorough handwashing/alcohol-based hand sanitization and reminding our staff of our best practices for personal hygiene

  • Trained our staff of current social distancing procedures

  • Implemented contactless operations

  • Required any staff who is ill to stay home from work.

Additionally, we are providing scenario-based guidance to staff on how to work through various COVID-19 related situations, and communicating health and safety guidance updates from municipal, provincial and federal health authorities. We will continue to evaluate all safety measures currently in place, and adjust accordingly as we remain focused on the health and safety of our staff and you, our customers.

What does Monkey Movers cleaning regime look like?

Our Gym Buses during the Covid-19 pandemic need to ensure they are protecting our staff and the public by minimizing the risk of spread of infection. This guidance is intended to introduce consistent measures on all gym buses.


The following shall be in place for each Party Bus:

• A Sanitation Checklist and schedule for cleanings

• Sufficient sanitizer dispensers and paper towels

• Sufficient cleaning products for daily usage

Our cleaning procedures include cleaning before and after each party/program and wipe downs multiple times a day for festivals/events, particularly in communal areas and at touch points.

Is Monkey Movers allowing staff to wear masks to curtail the spread of COVID-19?

The wearing of non medical masks by Monkey Movers staff are now mandatory. Mask are optional to any adult or visitor and for participants. Adults should remain in the front viewing area whenever possible and not venture into the play area. 

We continue to review public health guidance to ensure we have the right policies in place to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Monkey Movers Health And Safety Procedures:

1. All persons including staff, participants and visitors will be screened before entering the Gym Bus. Any staff or participant showing COVID-19 symptoms, will NOT be allowed to enter the Gym Bus for the safety of all of our families.

2.. Children and staff will wash and or sanitize their hands before and after every class/event. Hand sanitizer will be stocked at the front of the facility at all times for frequent sanitizing.

3. Monkey Movers has increased our cleaning regimen and our staff is extra vigilant in the complete disinfecting of the entire Gym Bus between our classes/birthdays/events. All equipment, toys, decorations, and areas will be wiped with disinfectant and sprayed down for extra measure.

4. During the warmer months the Gym Bus windows and doors will be opened between classes/birthdays/events in order to have fresh clean air circulate. During Cold season a HEPA air purifier will be used.

5. Social distancing will take place whenever possible and classes/birthdays/events will adhere to the provincial guidelines on the number of people in a given space.

6. All guests entering the bus will be required to sign Monkey Movers release and waiver of liability.

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